Be Proactive not Reactive.

With today’s business climate, it is just as important to stay Human Resources compliant as it is to file your taxes. Penalties for Human Resource violations have increased to a point where they are just as costly as IRS violations. As a good CPA/Accountant is crucial to the financial health of your company, so is an HR Advisor. Experts suggest that depending on the size of a company, it should be audited by an HR Professional 2 to 4 times a year. To stress the importance of compliancy, ProCompHR gives you the first audit free when you sign up for our Payroll Service.

Established in January of 2005 by CPA’s looking for a better human resource and payroll solution for their small business clients, we have grown to be ADP’s largest reseller. CPA’s are on staff to help you unravel and understand your payroll. www.dalecpa.com

Get 1 Month of FREE Payroll &
1 Free Human Resource Compliance Audit

Receive 1 month FREE payroll processing &
1 FREE Human Resource compliance audit
when you sign up for payroll processing.

We are the way for you to receive usable, digestive Human Resource information:

  • How to hire Top Talent
  • How to comply with Nondiscrimination Laws
  • How to comply with Wage and Hour Laws
  • Which Records to keep and for how long
  • How to effectively Manage Performance
  • How to create and maintain an Employee Handbook